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Joomla : Arctic Methane Emerg

Middle East - Climate Woe

Due to changes developing in the jet stream - the band of weather that oscillates around the northern hemisphere delivering weather - regions are now experiencing with ever more frequency, changes that may impact them in ever increasing extremes. These can range from extreme droughts to floods or just much more of what you used to get just a small amount of for ever increasing lengths of time.


Think back to the 19th century when the Middle East was known for its balance of desert lanscapes and oasis's of luscious life. These were depicted again and again by the artists of the day (known as the Orientalists) who set out from places such as France and the Britain and traveled east to the romantic areas of the Holy Land and Constantinople. 


It seems a great shame tomany that the weather will now change shape and start delivering extremes that will make crop development difficult. We wait to see in anticipation.



Arctic Methane: Why The Sea Ice Matters