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Diminishing Ice And The Future Of London

This is a very serious time in the forecasting the future of what will happen to the British people if the projected sea-level rise is achieved. This could be 11 plus metres within 40 years. That effectively puts London under water.


If you look at the unending stream of life that pours through the British capitol and then try to relate this to what is going on in the polar regions with the thawing of the caps then it is hard to make any sense of it whatsoever.


Think of the daily processions, random protests, dignitaries, cocktail parties, weddings, marathons and so on. The list is endless. How will all this be effected by the long-term effects of what is going on? Who knows? Well we have an idea. Keep watching this site for more information on what can be done to make an impactful change on world events that will deliver a better future for humanity than if we remain inactive and let this planetary climate disaster unfold.


Arctic Methane: Why The Sea Ice Matters