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Joomla : Arctic Methane Emerg

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Arctic Sea Ice - Methane Release - Planetary Emergency

Government response to Environmental Audit Committee report based on non-existing observations, says AMEG

AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, hereby formally complains to the UK government that the observations to which they refer in their statement [1] do not exist. The observations taken directly from the ice and recently from satellite, support a very simple model of sea ice behaviour - that the melting, as reflected by the volume average for particular months, is closely following an exponential trend, towards zero for September 2015. 
Therefore the government must take note of the implications of what happens when the sea ice behaves according to this non-linear sea ice volume trend.  The implications, spelt out by AMEG, are life-threatening for every citizen on this planet and require immediate attention. 
A failure of the government to act in the interest of its citizens in such a situation is surely criminal. It is a clear duty by UNFCCC Arcticle 3.3 that governments should protect citizens from the effects of climate change. [2]
Climate change is most visibly happening in the Arctic.  The only way to protect the Arctic is to cool the Arctic and restore the sea ice.
The government is refusing to accept clear evidence that the situation is deteriorating so quickly that strenuous efforts must be made to cool the Arctic this summer or otherwise risk that it is too late for any action to prevent an absolute catastrophe.  The government does not need further evidence - and any delay could jeopardise chance of success.
Proposals exist for providing the necessary cooling, which have a chance of success if given full and immediate backing.  The government must give the necessary support to ensure every chance of their success, with an international collaboration.  The cost of such action is miniscule compared to the cost of failure. 
John Nissen, Chair, 
1. "Based on observations and available climate model evidence, we do not anticipate a complete "collapse" of sea-ice..."
2. Article 3. Principles. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

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